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Material Turn. Paul Jung on Melitta Baumeister, 2016

Material Turn is an exercise performed by Melitta Baumeister and Paul Jung. In it, the two visual practitioners solidify a moment in time: one by casting a volume-garment out of an otherwise fixed material, and the other by consolidating the act of wearing it. The book explores the relationships that exist between the two bodies, and the way touch and sight may alter the reader’s perception of an object’s qualities. Foreword by Hanna Laura Kaljo, scattered across the book in 5 inserts Soft-bound with transparent plastic sleeve 24 × 32 cm. / 9.4 × 12.6 inches

Edition of 750

ISBN 978-90-825050-1-6

Memory Form, 2015

A documentation of poetry of memories and body forms. 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

ISBN 978-1364991135


Humane Society of New York's Fifth Fine Art PHotography Benefit Auction in partnership with Aperture Foundation, 2018

PDN Winner, 2016

Material Turn, Artorial, 2016

Selected for American Photography 32, 2016

Dear Dave. Week: Approaching 20 issues in print. Foley Gallery New York, 2015

Creative Review Photography Annual, 2015

Surface Magazine Avant Guardian Award, 2015

American Photographic Artist,
Best of Show, 2014

Dot Independent Film Festival,
Best Cinematography, 2013

Dot Independent Film Festival,
Best editor, 2013


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